WordPress.com Temporarily Down

On my WordPress.com dashboard enclosed in thin red border I saw this announcement in bold: "There was a major hardware failure this morning, however now everything is back to normal. See this post for more information."An excerpt from Matt on WordPress blog:

There was a catastrophic hard drive failure on the central database server very early this morning, Donncha was on the ball and switched all the traffic to a recent backup so most things would work while we investigated the hardware failure. This means that an old version of your site was shown for a few hours.

A few minutes ago we restored the up-to-date database and we’re currently syncing it to the backup to get back any posts you might have made during the semi-downtime. Even though we were able to recover everything, we’re looking at ways to make things even more redundant, so if this ever happens again the problems will be measure in seconds or minutes. Like I said in the last post, all of the new hardware hasn’t been brought fully online yet.

Technical details: The ext3 filesystem was badly corrupted but thanks to journalling there was no lost data.

Looks like the categories management is back to normal too. 🙂


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