I’m going to be a logistician volunteer (in training) for MERCY. You can find me somewhere in Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka, Cambodia or North Korea…

{the reason}: I’m a discerning misanthrope. By being altruistic, I’m redeeming my immaterial humanity.

{ad hominem}: I’m disgusted by the apathetic masses; their posterity living in bourgeois Shambala. I fall to the opposite of affluent where humanity is scant, where ample of slant dosage anew.

{digress}: The $y$tem fail me, the $y$tem abandon her, the $y$tem destroy our life. The Petition is the $y$tem, but way better than ANARCHISM.



2 Responses to “MERCY”

  1. muni Says:

    baru perasan blog yg ini. takda disclaimer ke

  2. daftsavant Says:


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