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Back in 23rd of March I wrote this in the Morphing Into Schrödinger Cat entry at other devnullnikita {memento mori et vita} blog:

Oh, I’m waiting for Wired Magazine article on this issue:

The World Record-Breaking Capital
The strongest hair! The longest pencil! The youngest sumo wrestler! In Malaysia, making your mark – any mark – is a matter of national pride.
By Jack Boulware [ Coming April 3 ]

Last night is the 3rd of April. Here's [part of] the article:

From the dangerous (most days spent inside a box with 6,069 scorpions) to the inexplicable (most faces captured on a phonecam) and the outright banal (first independent tire-testing facility), not a week goes by without a record-setting event somewhere in Malaysia. The country might just be the world record holder in holding records.

The efforts are chronicled in the Malaysia Book of Records, a compendium of 2,005 of the country's bests, firsts, biggests, and longests. Many attempts are so outlandish – most time spent cooped up in a vehicle – that they're regularly slotted into the "wacky news" segments on newscasts around the world. To Western eyes, the country seems like a nation of attention-hungry circus freaks. But in Malaysia, the desire to build the largest tea bag or gather the most twins at a single location is a form of national pride.

The record frenzy began under the leadership of Mahathir bin Mohamad, the country's prime minister from 1981 to 2003. He was obsessed with making his country one of the great nations of the world, especially in the late '80s and early '90s, when neighbors Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan – other so-called Asian Tigers – grew to become more significant economic powers, giving Malaysia a serious inferiority complex.

Mahathir championed the motto Malaysia boleh! (Malaysia can do it!) as a way to motivate citizens to embrace modernity. It was a key pillar of his Vision 2020 campaign: If everyone strived for excellence, he promised, Malaysia would be a fully developed first world country by 2020.

Determined to raise Malaysia's global profile, Mahathir drove the country into debt in the 1990s with a series of ambitious public works projects. In 1998, the 1,483-foot-tall twin Petronas towers opened in Kuala Lumpur, becoming the tallest buildings in the world (they've since been eclipsed by Taipei 101 in Taiwan). Kuala Lumpur unveiled a new public transit system, international airport, administrative capital, and technology corridor. An excellent nationwide highway system was constructed and is now filled with Protons, Malaysian-made cars driven by people who can't afford Japanese or German vehicles.

Mega­projects are good for his country's ego, Mahathir told the Far Eastern Economic Review in 1998. "Small people always like to appear tall," he explained. "If you can't get tall enough, you put a box under you."

The Malaysia boleh! slogan took off. Advertising agencies used it to promote products; fans chanted the phrase at the Commonwealth Games and other sporting events. And along the way to courting national pride, the call to excellence somehow got translated into setting the record for creating the highest stack of cans in 15 minutes.

[More at Wired 14.04: The World Record-Breaking Capital]

What a freaking joke! This sort of farce for hubris sake. Buat malu jer masuk Wired magazine. I still remember the National Geographic issue last five years on Malaysia as the new Asian Tiger. Lebih kurang jer mengaibkan.

Continued from Morphing Into Schrödinger Cat entry:

Ok, back to the concern article. Why the heck would Wired covers something as insipid as Bolehland’s record breaker. Why? Because Malaysia is generous with it ingenious futility. They always manage to make news for the whole wrong reasons.

And there’s also some Bolehland’s achievement that hardly made the news. Like how a certain royalty used her chancellor position to set up a pet project consist of child prodigies. How the monarch collaborate with their private army in cohort with the ATM to get the military funding. You might know His Royal Highness as the temperamental geriatric but do you know that Her Royal Highness as equally around the bend? No offence to the STF dudettes or the UTM-nites or many others institution that she’s responsible under her custodian.

When was the last time you saw a JMF’s black Hummer travelling the PLUS highway to and fro, from one military camp to another, or naval base or airbase for that matter? Did you saw a girl handcuffed to the front grill at the R&R? How about a black tinted JMF’s guard car parked in the vicinity of a public hospital, military hospital or a specialist hospital? In the ward, why do they need the whole floor to themselves? To the doctors and nurses who treated her, where’s your freaking Hippocratic & Nightingale oath? To the sanctimonious mufti, where’s your righteous sermon when we need one?

There’s no precedent to the horror that she had suffered. And the only thing “she” can wait is her own mortality.

Electrocuted with electric-baton at Istana Bukit Serene. Physical abused. Verbal abused. Mental abused. Kena maki. Kena hamun. Lebam sana sini. Hunted like a dog by the Private Trainee in Lumut camp. Tracked down like a fugitive in Kok Lawi camp. Masuk hospital kat Kem Terendak. Keluar. Kena pukul lagi sampai lunyai. Bagi dia makan, makanan yang layak komando sajer yang makan, sembelih kucing depan mata, suruh dia makan mentah-mentah. Sometimes, I think they’re worst than the African paramilitary that suffers from syndrome E (desensitization to personal violence). Masuk masjid; ingat tuhan. Keluar masjid; perangai kalah binatang.

She ran to the UK, and what did they do? Conscript her brother to the damned PPPDT project. Her friend, a doctor MIA, no, him and his whole family are missing without a trace. They harassed me and reduced me to nothing but a disillusioned citizen verging on amok. Remember the soldier who ran amuck in KL when his brother was assaulted almost to death by Sultan Iskandar; Yang di-Pertuan Agong at that time of incident. I think I can relate how he felt. Anger. Blind rage.

But nooo…I have yet to learn my patience, like she learned her patience with suicidal tendency.

You can fume when the fuel price is hiked.

You get irritated consuming unsanitary tap water.

You are furious when your properties inundated in the middle of well-planned township.

You get enough of BS by the corrupt politicos.

The publics share your anger and pain. You belong to that disillusioned entity.

But to get oppressed by the "tyranny"…only the victim suffers, and left to oblivion.

You can get angry of all things the powers that be had messed up. But I can’t get angry with “them”?

Aku kena sabar sambil hidup aku dilunyai, dan engkau tak boleh sabar diperbodohkan oleh kerajaan?

Maybe I’m selfish. But that’s just me.

What I know is: I’m an ancyent marinere and perhaps morphing into Schrödinger cat.

Schrödinger cat: Dead. Not dead. Dead. Not dead. Dead…I don’t exist until you approve of my existence, but I can’t exist when you found out of my existence.

But you can always disapprove.


Other than Schrödinger Cat, I'm also tempted to morph into either Fibonacci Rabbit (Fibonacci numbers), Dudeney Cow (Henry E Dudeney's puzzle) or Lorenz Butterfly (Chaos theory).

I omitted possessives form to create nouns. It should be "Schrödinger's cat" experiment. Schrödinger Cat sounds more anthropomorphic with anima hominus attribute.


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