WordPress.com Bookmarks (Links) Management Treated As Categories

I don’t like how WordPress changes the fluid links management system to more daunting so called bookmarks system.

You can’t toggle all the links with one button like the previous does, and set it to visible or invisible. You can’t move around the blogroll links into another links categories—and what’s worse the bookmarks management is set up in the categories management!

WordPress Bookmarks

WordPress Categories

Sure WordPress wants you to treated categories as tags. I don’t tag my entry, even if I did, I’ll tag it to Technorati, and so I don’t mind WordPress behaving a bit like Technorati. Then the WordPress treated the links as bookmarks and bookmarks as categories, and that’s plain ridiculous. WordPress is not del.icio.us! If I want to social bookmark my links I have digg and del.icio.us.

The WordPress stated this under the bookmarks management:

Here you add links to sites that you visit often and share them on your blog. When you have a list of links in your sidebar to other blogs, it’s called a “blogroll.”

Yes. It’s called a "blogroll". Not a "bookmark".

It’s bad enough the categories tree is diffuse with tags like prolixity. To manage the links—sorry, bookmarks, in juxtapose with the categories is troublesome to say the least.

I want the old links management back.

I don’t need Technorati and del.icio.us complexity in WordPress.



3 Responses to “WordPress.com Bookmarks (Links) Management Treated As Categories”

  1. munirah Says:

    ya ini semua memeningkan makcik otai lah. blogging in wordpress makes me feel very fake – i think i have a blogspot personality lah.. haha

  2. daftsavant Says:

    WordPress is better, but the whole system is still in BETA! Sekejap cam ni, sekejap cam tu. The last modification really makes me fume with furor. Tolong ler revert balik, memang dah nak start migrate dah nie. Pastu management system plak buat hal. I’m back to Blogspot.

  3. moonlighter Says:

    agrees totally with post.. we want the old wordpress back..
    not bookmarks gimmicks…!!

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