RSS Feeds Parasite

My blog on WordPress and Blogspot interconnected with one uniform bit bucket of plethoric feeds, trackbacks and real-time (delayed per toggled time lag) update, on this site:

/dev/null/nikita : Data sink for devnullnikita {memento mori et vita}

It's laden with javascript and RSS feeds: linking only the titles and headlines, and none of the actual content.

I'm not RSS feeds parasite. So what is RSS feeds parasite? Lorelle VanFossen has some info on that:

RSS or Feed Content Theft

There is a growing and real concern that site and blog feeds are being used to totally replace any original content. Some crafty website owners are using multiple feeds to pull information from other sites into their own, making it look like the site has an interesting and original collection of content, when it is actually stolen without permission from other sites.

In general, the rise in the use of feeds on websites and blogs seems to be permissible, if only headlines or excerpts are used and not the full post or article content. The issue of content theft arises when this is done without your knowledge or permission using the full content.

To prevent feed theft, many experts recommend setting your XML/feed files to allow only excerpts in your site’s feeds. Most fans of feeds are unhappy with excerpts and many bloggers are now offering full content in their feeds to meet the demand. If you choose to include the entire post in your feed, then make sure you include the copyright statement and your blog links in the feeds as evidence of the source of the content.

[Source: The Growing Trends in Content Theft]

And that pathetic revenge of mine on that site, is an alternative for my rather acerbic rancour entry, that I been meaning to post since last week.

Wait, what revenge? It just a freaking RSS Feeds.

Ye ke? Lerrr…

Then I’ll need to post THAT entry, and then it should qualify as “pathetic revenge” to that UTM alumna called Mooke.


What’s wrong with me? You care? No, you didn’t. Run along then. Disassociate yourself from me.

Oxymoron. What oxymoron?


3 Responses to “RSS Feeds Parasite”

  1. devnullnikita {memento mori et vita} Says:

    Escher's Camera Obscura

    In reality, I put Mooke's RSS feeds because I'm annoyed by her lack of courtesy to reply my apology e-mail pertain to the social engineering faux pas I committed in the introduction e-mail I sent to her last month. Pathetic revenge, yeah…huhuhu.

  2. munirah Says:

    such amount of energy, time n anger spent on an innocent passing-by stranger.

    i know u’r complicated, but this is not a nice thing to do to anybody.

  3. daftsavant Says:

    The first part of the response is called “trackback”.

    The second response is a counsel.

    The third. I have none—only pang of conscience.

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