Server Error! server crashed last night. Server Error

Later in the evening, Google server had a hiccup.

Google Server Error

[UPDATE] Sometimes Wikipedia had a tough day too.

Wikipedia Server Error

Even the internet has its vulnerable moment.

So am I.


Fez said:

Dina Z IM me. I kid you not. Just after I comment something with the RSS feeds anomaly in the Bloglines which gives out the proxy website, instead of the real link. And oh, I save myself from tech faux pas too by not asking her sys admin to change that digg tag to tag, since what the heck technology news ( is for tech news…mostly) has to do with her writing kan? Better letak as the de facto social bookmarking kan? Kan? Kan? (^_^). Walaupun minggu ni aku rasa macam cr*p, and had my head shaven…again…that fleeting IM really makes my day. *smile*

This is a bit on a tech side. I was about to comment on the digg icon when I realised it isn’t tag at all—but a profile icon. That saves me a blunder from recommending your sys admin to add tag (the social bookmarking repository) instead of the supposed digg tag (the tech news bookmarking). But, hmmm, could your sys admin tweak the RSS feeds a little? It read as:

Instead of:

Hehehe, nothing biggie. I’m just fussy with my generated links by Bloglines. Oh, how selfish of me.

[via Welcome to]

Nyonya said:

hehe, good to feel good kan? do you know humans can simulate happiness? just stretch a smile on your face. and, NO – you don’t look like william corgan!! perasan nya 😛


I do look like Billy Corgan 🙂 Hahaha…

Oh, she’s an otai like Nyonya—an IT philistine as Dina Zaman puts it.

Gosh, I feel like a giggling groupie.

Now I know how Nyonya feels whenever there’s a mention of Faisal Tehrani. 😛


I better start an entry explaining RSS feeds aggregator lest she thinks I’m a stalker or an insane-deranged-loony as she aptly warned. What’s wrong with you people anyway? Whence savvy cometh, thence suspicion comes?


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