Die Änderung vom Herzen

Die Änderung vom Herzen

So schnell wie es kommt,
Es verwelkt schnell auch,
Wie schnelle Herzen in einem flüchtigen Blick von einem Auge ändern.

—to asinineconnoisseur

The Change of Heart

As fast as it comes,
It wilted fast,
Heart changes with a blink of an eye.

—to daftsavant


[Edit: These contexts are not in segueing with previous verses.]

Misconstrued from:

I guess, as fleeting as fatality passes, so did our affinity with the epitaphic account among the living gone in passing.

Actual translation:

As death is fleeting, so is our comprehension on life.



I can only diss:

Calvin and Hobbes


2 Responses to “Die Änderung vom Herzen”

  1. e.m. Says:

    there’s never a “-” before asinineconnoisseur.

    it’s not QUOTED by asinineconnoisseur, it’s DEDICATED to asinineconnoisseur.


  2. daftsavant Says:

    I guess that explains everything 😛

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