My Cat Died Today

Iyo, is his name. Not the most masculine name for a tom cat, but that WAS his name. Neighbour’s car ran over him this morning. Haemorrhage kill him slowly, his body convulsed for oxygen, while the blood that supplying it drained on the dusty asphalt road. He died slowly. The driver who knocked him over while on reverse never get a chance to have some pity on the quivering body of the small feline. The driver in a rush, he left him with a rush of blood that escaped through the fractured head, bloodied his white fur. His pelt a sanguine Rorschach inkblots projecting one interpretation: negligence. My brother shout gone unheard and the car sped away. His voice failed him, and the only noise heard was my tom cat’s screeching of pain; that gone to soft whimpers and then silence.

It’s too late to send him to the veterinary clinic.

Last night, I promised him a treat.

He’s only 1 year old.


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