She Falls Apart By Herself

She’s falls apart no one there
Hold her hand it seems to disappear
Falls apart might as well
Day is long and nothing is wasted

Since I’m dense, culturally unsophisticated and what ever proxy of blight, I’m: I resorted to this site for enlightenment.

This is my favorite Sugar Ray song. For me what it means is like a lot of you said. This girl and guy fall in love, and this girl falls into a sort of depression, and this guy is trying to do all he can because he knows. Possibly she’s verbally abused by a parent (all those words that hurt you, more than you will let it show). Like “Everyone sees right through you” like, everyone in her life knows the happiness is fake or she’s being fake, and he’s the only one who knows the real her. Like about her hand disappearing and such, he feels he’s loosing her, but isn’t sure what to do because in a sense he’s feeling lonely, but isn’t sure what to do because she won’t open up enough to him. I don’t know…*kinda* reminds me of myself in a way and my ex…

If I give her Prozac, doesn’t mean I’m prosaic. There’s always lobotomy, or histrionic whine, or…heck, just talk to me.

Here’s my Freudian couch.

Now, sit.

I’m switching on the automatic Kafka.

Now, speak.




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