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Leni the Bitch

November 4, 2006

Leni is a BITCH

Leni the Pug: The Comet Christmas Caper is a new illustrated holiday ‘tail’ chronicling the adventures of Leni (a female Pug), who leads a pack of pooches to help Santa find Comet the reindeer and deliver his Christmas presents after the magic sleigh crashes in a Central Park dog run.

[Source: Leni the Pug: The Comet Christmas Caper]

Well, that explain a LOT.


We’re all farm animals

She just doesn’t get it, but she knows how to appreciate Chihuahua’s faeces (EDIT: She finally deleted the entry. Huzzah!) in her own breathable bubbled Xanadu world. That’s a cunning observation with a canine reservation, you know, cute like a pug, reek as fug.

Oh, and welcome to the reality of Orwellian community. Dogs are cheeky Chekist, and pigs are… well pigs are the “people” who don’t deserve her God’s respect.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
—George Orwell (1903–1950), British writer. Animal Farm.

You see, her God hates obtuse and unsightly creatures. She preaches that the only thing that can redeemed your defective self to her God is by autofellatio. Be wary, that you must feel the ecstasy from that redemption, or else, you’re deep in the muck of her imaginary pariah community. If you disapprove of phallic eroticism, according to her (although vaguely), there’s always alternative to “yellow duckie”…whatever that is, must be some idol made from plastics.

Ouch. I think I drop the acid. Ha ha ha (anechoic echolalia).


Leni’s bathos is apropos, quite a pathos-etic she is. I pity my placid mental faculty and lauding her lucid elucidatory discernment. She’s the next un-Terran Jehovah personification. Praise her for she will JUDGE you on this realm of sanctity.

Boxer‘s motto, “Napoleon is always right”, so is she.



She just doesn’t get it. She really, really doesn’t get it. She is clueless!

The Outerspace Creature
An Alien’s Mundane Life

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I Just Don’t Get It

By Admin on Rubbish

..why most Malays love to say “Excuseee, excuseeee” instead of “Excuse me”?

..and why some SON OF A BIG FAT HO love bad-mouthing and calling other people names, when they, themselves, are no freaking different than the pigs’s shit community (if such thing exists)? Tsk tsk tsk. I wonder why people like these are still breathing happily on God’s beautiful earth.

Go scrutinize your own self in front of a mirror, peabrain. You are no prettier than a chihuaha’s smelly poo. Why don’t you just suck your own tiny lil useless limp weenie (or is it yellow duckie?) to make yourself ‘complete’. Feels good isn’t it?

Ouch. Forgive me for trippin. Ha ha ha.

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Still acid trippin’?

No need to wake up…

…let your ‘befuddled’ head banged with artificial euphoria. Fake a smile. Less emo.

Thank God.